• Varian's

    CryoCare Touch

    Transforming the Interventional Oncology landscape begins with building a foundation on one intelligent innovation.
    Introducing our new CryoCare Touch™ ablation system for Interventional Radiologists.




  • Sanuwave's

    Dermapace System

    The dermaPACE System is an advanced wound care device that utilizes pulsed acoustic cellular expression (PACE®) technology, a proprietary form of focused, extracorporeal shockwaves. Shockwave technology has been used for nearly 30 years in orthopedic treatments for pain, fractures, etc., and with lithotripsy for breaking kidney stones.
    The PACE shockwave technology has the level of energy deposited inside the tissue specifically tuned to promote tissue healing, without any detrimental effects to the delicate cellular structures from the wound bed, periwound, or deep behind the skin level.


  • Argon's

    UltraStream Chronic Dialysis Catheter

    UltraStream Chronic Dialysis Catheter (CDC) is specifically designed for over-the-wire (OTW) or peel-away insertion techniques.

    The unique dual independent arterial lumen design and kink resistant material ensures adequate flow rates. UltraStream CDC is indicated for the use of hemodialysis or apheresis.

  • F Care Systems'


    MedRF4000 is a smart all-in-one generator to which
    you can connect all sorts of disposables

    You can use MedRF4000 to treat conditions such as:
    - telangiectasias.
    - collateral and perforating veins.
    - saphenous veins.
    - haemorrhoids.
    - anal fistula.

  • Alvimedica's

    DES S.E. - NiTiDES™

    Polymer-free Amphilimus™ (Sirolimus + Fatty Acid) eluting stent for lesions in the SFA region.

    The absence of polymer minimizes the risk of inflammation/thrombosis, while the proprietary formulation enhances drug absorption.

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